Students for Sustainable Lifestyles, leading change on campus

Posted August 11, 2022

The Adoption of Sustainable Lifestyles, the fourth Laudato Si’ Goal, is grounded in the idea of sufficiency, and promoting sobriety in the use of resources and energy. 

The term “lifestyle” can evoke in our minds a sense of an established and long-lived life.

Yet, as Pope Francis remarked both in a recent message to young people and in his Laudato Si’ encyclical: “Those who have their whole life ahead of them do not want to ruin it and throw it away, but to live it to the full;” and, “Young people have a new ecological sensitivity and a generous spirit.” (LS 209)

The Adoption of Sustainable Lifestyles is for any age, and we are thrilled to see all the ways young people are embracing this goal in commitment and, most importantly, in action.

Students from the United States to India are taking real steps on their college and university campuses towards the Adoption of Sustainable Lifestyles, leading as shining examples for their fellow students.

“Investing in this goal is one of the best ways universities can make a lasting impact by preparing students for a sustainable life post-graduation, while also making their campus a greener place,” says Loyola University Chicago student Leigha.

Leigha suggests:

  • Providing compost buckets in the dorms and including information about what can go in them
  • Giving discounts for reusable containers at on-campus restaurants and coffee shops
  • Preparing environmentally conscious food at dining halls 
  • Making education about sustainability free and easily accessible to all students



Aashal, a student at St. Xavier’s College in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, reminds us that “in today’s busy lifestyle, we all have forgotten that we live within nature,” and he has pledged to work with his college and other organizations to fulfill his Adoption of Sustainable Lifestyles goals.

Aashal is working towards:

  • Using public transportation as much as possible
  • Reusing plastic, including repurposing plastic water bottles to make art
  • Working with the university to implement renewable energy sources on campus, such as a solar water turbine



Are you or do you know a college or university student taking meaningful steps towards the Adoption of Sustainable Lifestyles or other Laudato Si’ Goal? We’d love to hear about it! To get in touch, please email us at