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Put a Laudato Si’ Plan for our common home into action. Starting right where you are. Starting today.

The Laudato Si’ Action Platform is a shared space where the Church develops a bold and active response to the ecological crisis, so urgently illustrated in Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si’. The Laudato Si’ Action Platform equips you to take action now, when it is “urgent and necessary.” (LS 57)


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Elements of the Laudato Si' Action Platform

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As we delve into this Laudato Si’ journey, the effects of our encounter with Jesus become evident in our relationship with the world around us. (LS 217) Laudato Si’ Plans support your community’s journey to integral ecology.


The platform offers:

  • Laudato Si' Plan Guides and templates for your institution, community, or family to map out a path to action
  • Reflection Guides and templates that connect your core values to the Laudato Si’ Goals and serve as a beacon of light for others


The Creator of all calls us to practice a new way of living, one that is “good, true and beautiful.” (LS 205) We commit to taking action together because it is “urgent and necessary.” (LS 57)

The platform offers:

  • A self-assessment, customized to your unique situation, to help you understand where you stand today
  • Suggested actions, tailored to your unique needs, to make the biggest impact across integral ecology


This road will challenge us, and the ideas and support of our sisters and brothers in Christ will strengthen us along the way. “We were made for love,” and deeper relationships will nourish us wherever the Holy Spirit leads. (LS 58)

The platform offers:

  • Resources across languages, sectors, and Laudato Si' Goals to offer real-world guidance from partners who are experts in taking action
  • Connections with other participants and with sectoral Working Groups to share interests and challenges
  • Events offered by a diverse community of partners online and in regions around the world

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Frequently asked questions

The Laudato Si’ Action Platform offers comprehensive support as your institution, community, or family journeys towards integral ecology. This section provides logistical information and an explanation of common terms.

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“there is reason to hope that humanity at the dawn of the twenty-first century will be remembered for having generously shouldered its grave responsibilities.” (LS 165)