Voices of Transformation: The Profound Power of Laudate Deum

Posted November 6, 2023

Working groups for the sectors served by the Laudato Si’ Action Platform offer precious perspective and expertise to guide and improve it. Here, members of working groups share some of the most striking quotes from Laudate Deum and why they find them so significant. 

Walk with us through these insights, all inspired by the profound power of Laudate Deum.


Sr. Maamalifar M. Poreku, Executive Co-Secretary of the Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation Commission for the Union of Superiors General and the International Union of Superiors General

Working Group: Religious


My most meaningful Laudate Deum quotation:
“I cannot fail in this regard to remind the Catholic faithful of the motivations born of their faith. I encourage my brothers and sisters of other religions to do the same, since we know that authentic faith not only gives strength to the human heart, but also transforms life, transfigures our goals and sheds light on our relationship to others and with creation as a whole.” (LD 61).

Why it’s meaningful to me:
This quotation highlights the difference between faith and authentic faith. Authentic faith brings transformation; it helps us rise above our goals and show how we are related to others and all creation. If our authentic faith can truly lead to this, our world will be transformed in a way that everybody and each creature will have their place without being threatened with extinction.


Mateusz Ciasnocha, Farmer, Farm of Francesco

Working Group: Economic Entities



My most meaningful Laudate Deum quotation:
“In this way, may they demonstrate the nobility of politics and not its shame.” (LD 60)

Why it’s meaningful to me:
I know firsthand that there are noble politicians out there. I am privileged to be working with them! We definitely need more of them, and I trust we can do politics that show all of us the nobility of this sector – the sector that affects us all.



María Eugenia Ibarrarán Viniegra, Director of the Environmental Research Institute Xabier Gorostiaga S. J. of the Universidad Iberoamericana Puebla

Working Group: Educational Institutions



My most meaningful Laudate Deum quotation
“…there are no lasting changes without cultural changes, without a maturing of lifestyles and convictions within societies, and there are no cultural changes without personal changes. (LD 70)

Why it’s meaningful to me
We truly need a change in the cultural way we approach life, otherwise there will be no change at all. This is a long term process, but we need to start soon, with policies that lead us in this direction.



Celso C. Santiago, Jr., Former PCOO Assistant Secretary

Working Group: Families and Individuals


My most meaningful Laudate Deum quotation:
“Efforts by households to reduce pollution and waste, and to consume with prudence, are creating a new culture. The mere fact that personal, family and community habits are changing is contributing to greater concern about the unfulfilled responsibilities of the political sectors and indignation at the lack of interest shown by the powerful.” (LD 71)

Why it’s meaningful to me:
This is my favorite quotation because it calls us as individuals and families to do our part in addressing the climate crisis and to help alleviate the suffering of others. Every effort, big or small, is important in answering the cry of the Earth. Pope Francis is inspiring us to change the world together, one simple act at a time. One individual at a time. And one family at a time.


Fr. Dr. Mathew Abraham C.Sc.R, Director General at the Catholic Health Association of India (CHAI)

Working Group: Hospitals and Healthcare Institutions

My most meaningful Laudate Deum quotation:
“I ask everyone to accompany this pilgrimage of reconciliation with the world that is our home and to help make it more beautiful, because that commitment has to do with our personal dignity and highest values. At the same time, I cannot deny that it is necessary to be honest and recognize that the most effective solutions will not come from individual efforts alone, but above all from major political decisions on the national and international level.” (LD 69)

Why it’s meaningful to me:
This quotation calls for our mindful action both at the macro- and micro-levels to make this world a better place. Our primary purpose is to prevent and alleviate human suffering wherever it may be found. This commitment should be the driving force across all human societies. It is important to build a global sense of humanity, because our common human problems are intense and interdependent, and can only be solved unitedly.


Barbara Niedźwiedzka, Animal Welfare Activist, Laudato Si’ Movement Animator

Working Group: Organizations and Groups

My most meaningful Laudate Deum quotation:
“… the other creatures of this world have stopped being our companions along the way and have become instead our victims.” (LD 15)

Why it’s meaningful to me:
The animal agricultural industry which exploits animals is not only unethical, unworthy of humanity, but is estimated to be responsible for a huge proportion of greenhouse gas emissions. According to many scientists, the phasing out of animal farming in favor of plant production represents the most immediate and feasible opportunity to reverse the trend of climate and environmental changes.


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