Pope Francis’ Apostolic Exhortation Continues Global Dialogue on Environmental Stewardship

Posted September 28, 2023

On October 4th, 2023, coinciding with the conclusion of the Season of Creation, Pope Francis will be releasing his much-anticipated apostolic exhortation as a follow-up to his encyclical, Laudato Si’. This is a momentous occasion that continues the global dialogue on environmental stewardship and our collective responsibility to protect the planet for future generations.

The document will be Pope Francis’ sixth apostolic exhortation of his pontificate.

What is an Apostolic Exhortation?

An apostolic exhortation is a formal written communication from the Pope to the Catholic faithful, and sometimes to all people of good will, on a specific theme that aims to encourage or instruct its recipients. 

While not considered as authoritative as an encyclical, an apostolic exhortation still carries significant weight as it emanates from the papal office. It seeks to motivate a particular action or foster a deeper understanding of a particular issue.

Pope Francis’ Video Message

In a special video message, Pope Francis himself speaks about the significance of his upcoming apostolic exhortation. The Pope emphasizes the need for urgent action and calls for a unified global response to the environmental crisis we face today.

Vatican News Article

For the Vatican’s insights on Pope Francis’ upcoming apostolic exhortation, you can refer to this Vatican News article. It highlights the Vatican’s views on the critical nature of the Laudato Si’ encyclical and how it aims to instigate meaningful dialogue and actions regarding environmental stewardship.

Message of Pope Francis on the Season of Creation

In addition, you may want to explore Pope Francis’ message on the Season of Creation, which concludes the same day the apostolic exhortation is released. The message highlights the essential work being done globally and emphasizes the importance of our environmental efforts.

Laudato Si’ Movement Blog Post

The Laudato Si’ Movement, the operational partner of the Laudato Si’ Action Platform,  recently published a blog post, titled “Laudato Si’, Part 2: An Ongoing Dialogue of the Signs of the Times.” The blog discusses how the upcoming apostolic exhortation aims to expand on the themes of the Laudato Si’ encyclical, focusing on the interconnectedness of human life and the environment.


As the world waits expectantly for the release of the much-anticipated apostolic exhortation on Laudato Si, it’s crucial for each of us to recognize the importance of these papal documents in inspiring global action, not just as theological frameworks but also as actionable guidelines for responsible living.