Harnessing Collective Power: A Hope of the Platform

Posted May 17, 2024

Explore how the Laudato Si’ Action Platform fosters institutional responsibility and global unity in the quest for environmental sustainability.

This blog draws inspiration from the insights of Communications Specialist Sarah Mundell, shared during the webinar on January 17, 2024, titled “Laudato Si’ Action Platform: How to Get Involved and What to Expect.” Click here to view the entire webinar.

In response to Pope Francis’ ecological call to action, the Laudato Si’ Action Platform stands as a testament to the power of collective action and community engagement. 

Community Engagement, Institutional Responsibility

Community engagement is the cornerstone of the Laudato Si’ Action Platform’s strategy to combat the ecological crisis. The platform recognizes that individual efforts, while essential, are insufficient to address the magnitude of environmental challenges we face. The collective action of communities amplifies the impact of personal initiatives, creating a synergistic effect that can lead to significant environmental improvements.

In January 2022, the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart in Kiribati reconvened the island’s youth for another session of planting mangrove seedlings.

Institutional responsibility plays a critical role in Laudato Si’ Action Platform’s mission. The story of the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart in Kiribati in the Micronesia subregion exemplifies how organizations can make a profound difference. Faced with rising sea levels and freshwater shortages, the sisters initiated a major tree-planting project, engaging young people in planting over 3,000 mangroves since 2021. This initiative not only contributes to coastal protection, but also highlights how institutional commitment can lead to impactful environmental conservation efforts.

A Tool Seeking to Adapt

The Laudato Si’ Action Platform values the different backgrounds of its members. It knows that everyone’s way to help the environment is unique. The platform helps every member, no matter if they are one person or a whole group, to find their own path to being more green. It gives them special tools and ways to check how they’re doing, all designed for their own needs. This method brings together many stories and ideas from people all around the world who are part of the platform. It highlights that even if we all do different things to help, our shared goal of taking care of our planet brings us together.

The expectations for participants of  Laudato Si’ Action Platform are clear: engage in a process of ecological conversion that respects the diversity of experiences and contexts. The platform is a supportive tool, facilitating this journey by providing resources, guidance, and a community of practice. By celebrating the varied experiences of its participants,  Laudato Si’ Action Platform aims to inspire continued commitment and action towards ecological sustainability.

Through community engagement, institutional responsibility, and the embrace of global diversity, this initiative serves as a reminder of the power of faith-driven action and the potential for significant environmental change when we come together with a shared purpose.

As this holistic approach is embraced, there is always a next step to take on the path toward a future that prioritizes the well-being of the environment and humanity:

  • For those unsure of where to begin, take a first step. Enroll in the Laudato Si’ Action Platform to learn about suggested actions and build a plan.
  • For those who have already enrolled but need to continue their journey, log into the platform and upload a plan based on suggested actions for themselves and their community.
  • Finally, for those in the middle of their journey,  take the time to reflect and celebrate their recent steps toward integral ecology.