Practical Tools to Implement Laudato Deum

Laudato Si' Action Platform Team

04/04/2024 Remote

Date: Thursday, April 4

Time: 6:00 AM Mexico City, 8:00 AM New York, 1:00 PM London, 2:00 PM Rome, 3:00 PM Nairobi, 8:00 PM Manila.

Discover how to integrate Laudate Deum principles into real-world ecological efforts in our concise yet comprehensive webinar. This session is ideal for anyone eager to promote sustainability and environmental stewardship through actionable Laudate Deum teachings.

Ideal for community leaders, environmental activists, and anyone passionate about marrying faith with ecological action. Whether you’re new to Laudate Deum or seeking to expand your application of its principles, this webinar offers valuable insights and practical approaches for meaningful change.

Join Us! Empower your ecological initiatives with the wisdom of Laudate Deum, paving the way for a sustainable and just future.

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Explore actionable strategies to embody the teachings of Laudato Deum’ in your community. After the 60 minute session we’ll have a 30 minute community discussion, allowing participants to exchange experiences.

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