Catholic Social Teaching on Ecological Economics

Laudato Si' Action Platform and FaithInvest

11/04/2024 Remote

Date: Thursday, April 11

Time: 6:00 AM Mexico City, 8:00 AM New York, 1:00 PM London, 2:00 PM Rome, 3:00 PM Nairobi, 8:00 PM Manila.

As we confront the dual challenges of ecological degradation and economic inequality, the imperative to align our economic systems with principles of sustainability and justice is increasingly clear.

The webinar “Catholic Social Teaching and Ecological Economics” offers a unique platform for exploring how the wisdom of Catholic Social Teaching can inform and guide the development of economic models that are both ecologically sound and socially equitable.

This engaging April 11 webinar will feature insights from leading experts and practitioners who will share their perspectives on integrating ecological principles with economic practices, inspired by the tradition of Catholic Social Teaching. Through a blend of theoretical exploration and practical application, attendees will gain a deeper understanding of how faith-driven insights can contribute to reshaping our economic landscapes.

Join us to explore the intersection of faith and economics, and discover how we can collectively work towards a more equitable and sustainable world.

This webinar is proudly co-sponsored by Laudato Si´Action Platform and FaithInvest.

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