“Care for Creation is Care for Human Health”

Laudato Si´Action Platform

06/07/2023 Remote

The health of people is inextricably linked to the health of our planet. In September 2021, over 200 medical journals issued a joint statement calling for urgent action on global warming and the loss of biodiversity, citing these two issues as the greatest threat to global health. This webinar will focus on how climate change and pollution are impacting human health across the world, how healthcare organizations are contributing to the problem, and what they can do to make their operations more sustainable. In this webinar, learn how everyone can do their part for human health, and especially how medical surplus recovery programs, which support the “circular economy” by collecting unused or surplus medical supplies and furnishings and distributing them responsibly to those in need, are one example of how healthcare organizations can be more sustainable.

July 6, at 08:00 AM EST /UTC-5 New York, 14:00 Rome, 15:00 Nairobi, and 19:00 Hanoi.

The webinar will be available in English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish.

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