Aligning Your Finances with Your Faith Values

Posted March 16, 2023

Of the seven Laudato Si’ Goals, many find Ecological Economics to be among the most difficult to grasp. Economic systems are complex and can seem wholly abstract. In addition, many education programs gloss over the reality that economic systems are constrained by the physical limits of our planet. 

In the words of Pope Francis in his Laudato Si’ encyclical: “We are learning all too slowly the lessons of environmental deterioration.” (LS 109)

In response to this need, the Laudato Si´Movement has published in its Advocacy Resources section new, easy-to-follow resources. The resources were created in partnership with FaithInvest and input from partners around the world, to take action on Ecological Economics.

These sector-specific resources give practical, concrete guidance on sustainable banking, insurance, investment, and divestment for Dioceses, Congregations, Schools, and Universities.


All guides are available here (under the Advocacy tab)


FaithInvest has also created an online resource hub, Living Laudato Si’, and a full suite of resources to help faith organizations consider how to use their financial assets to live their values.

In plain, easy-to-understand language, these guides will help your institution gain:

  • A better understanding of why sustainable finance is vital to “correcting models of growth which have proved incapable of ensuring respect for the environment.” (Laudato Si’ 6)
  • A review of your current financial practices to help determine if your portfolio supports unethical and unsustainable businesses.
  • A clear determination of the right sustainable institution that meets your goals, with a suggested checklist to create profiles for easy comparison. 
  • Insights on making a final decision based on your sector’s established process of approval.


Changing how our money is used can be one of the most powerful ways of influencing climate action and policy, both in terms of our investments and our choice of banks and insurance providers.


Further outlining in your Laudato Si’ Plan your concrete steps in moving towards sustainable banking, insurance, investment, and divestment reveals a heartfelt effort towards the ecological conversion Pope Francis calls us to in Laudato Si’ as we unite to achieve “reconciliation with creation.” (LS 218)


*It is important to note that these guides are for educational purposes only. They do not constitute or intend to constitute investment advice or any investment services and are not a substitute for professional investment advice.  Laudato Si’ Movement and its partners, members, and affiliates do not endorse or recommend any particular investment product and are not responsible for actions taken by investors. All investments carry some form of risk, and you should consult with an appropriate professional for specific advice that suits your particular needs and/or verify the accuracy of the information provided herein before making an investment decision.