About the Laudato Si’ Action Platform: A Blueprint for Global Sustainability

Posted January 9, 2024

The Laudato Si’ Action Platform is a program of the Vatican’s Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development. Upon the foundational publication of Laudato Si’, both institutions and individuals sought tools to embark toward integral ecology step by step. Laudato Si’ Action Platform equips institutions and individuals to embark on a path toward integral ecology.

The fruit of a collaborative effort between partner institutions from around the world, the Laudato Si’ Action Platform was inaugurated in May 2021. Guides to create Laudato Si’ Plans were released in November 2021. With a special focus on institutions of all sizes and types, the Laudato Si’ Action Platform offers a framework for holistic action.  

  • The Laudato Si’ Action Platform aims to catalyze a cultural shift from exploiting the planet to protecting our common home for the well-being of all. This is particularly crucial during this decade for reducing  greenhouse gas pollution and protecting nature. . 
  • The Laudato Si’ Action Platform offers guides to create your Laudato Si’ Plan, suggested actions, and a benchmarking tool to track your progress. All materials are tailored to your needs as soon as you enroll. 
  • The Laudato Si’ Action Platform serves the needs individuals and families, parishes and dioceses, schools and universities, religious communities, and other institutions who want to define what they need to embody Laudato Si’

Specific actions within each category range from using renewable energy to fostering ecological education and spirituality, advocating for sustainable development, and adhering to ethical investment guidelines, including divestment from fossil fuels. By participating in the Laudato Si’ Action Platform, enrollees show they’re actively working toward integral ecology.

This platform, accessible multiple languages, transcends borders by combining global scientific knowledge, spiritual connections, and local realities. LSAP, with its flexible and action-oriented frameworks, empowers and connects communities globally to act in the spirit of Laudato Si’. 

It is not merely a program; it’s a tool that responds to a call to action—to care for our common home.

Photo: Handmaids of the Sacred Heart of Jesus planting seeds in a garden in Bohol, the Philippines.